Burton Elementary School

Protocols and Policies

Locked Doors

During regular school hours, doors will only be locked during a lock-down practice drill (there will be a sign on the door) or in the unfortunate event of a real lock-down.

Student Absence

We ask that you contact the office by 9:00am to advise if your child will be away from school. You can call (250) 265-3638 ext 3998 or email Jessica.coates@sd10.bc.ca to advise.

As a courtesy and from a position of maintaining the general health of the population of our students and staff, if your child is sick please try and make arrangements that they stay home from school. Keep your child home if they: have a fever, are coughing and sneezing enough to concern you, have a potentially contagious infection, have diarrhea or are vomiting, and if they don’t have enough energy to participate at school.

Change to student home time routine

After-School pick-up policy

1. Authorized Pick-Up List: Please ensure the school has an up-to-date list of individuals authorized to pick up your child. Only those individuals listed on the form can collect your child from the school premises. If there are any changes or additions to the authorized list, kindly inform the school office in writing.

2. Written Permissions: If your child needs to be picked up by someone, not on the authorized list, please provide written permission in advance. The note should include the name of the person, the date, and any specific details or instructions related to the pickup. We cannot release your child to an unauthorized person without written permission.

3. Communication: Effective communication ensures a smooth and organized pickup process. If there are any changes to your child’s regular dismissal routine (e.g., early release, alternative pickup arrangements), please notify the school office as early as possible. Please note that the office is closed after 12:30 pm, and it will be challenging to change arrangements. We must have accurate information to ensure your child’s safety and avoid confusion. The student will be on the bus unless prior communication is made.

We understand that not all situations are straightforward, as emergent issues can arise. Accommodations will be made, but by adhering to these three basic guidelines, we can ensure everyone gets to where they need to be in a timely and safe manner.

Winter Conditions and Power Outage Temporary School Closure

See SD10 District protocols for Winter Conditions and Power Outage Temporary School Closure.